ISLA HEXAGON, design and production house, is here to welcome you for original products & solutions for your hotel, restaurant, or private property projects.

Our journey began in 2007 as a MIDNIGHT BLUE retail company, curating spaces, offering design and furniture.

In 2020 we created ISLA HEXAGON with the sole objective of expanding our services to creating unique homes, designs that endure, both in terms of style and substance.
We curate spaces that resonate with your values and vision, transcends trends and encompasses timelessness, functionality, and beauty.
We are passionate about finding innovative solutions ensuring you get the best value without compromising on quality.
The key principles of our designs are a curious,
open-minded, problem-solving  approach, traditional craftsmanship and anti-waste mindset.
We take great pleasure in exploring the potential for
repurposing, reinterpretation, recreation, restoring the original with an upgrade and a new purpose.
The beauty of our products is found in their humbleness and simplicity.

Our design concepts made for the beautiful island of Mallorca and go beyond fleeting trends. They aim for a timeless quality, which means they will stay relevant and beautiful for years to come.