From Isla Hexagon we give you a warmest welcome to our on-line store.

Isla Hexagon is an interior design company with head office located on the island of Mallorca, that offers authentic quality design furniture handcrafted with only the best traditional technics and quality materials.

Isla Hexagon started with a simple idea that today’s real luxury are those moments when we deeply reconnect with one another. A home is much more than a look, it’s the place where life happens. Fusing Scandinavian mindset with the Made in Spain traditional technics of furniture manufacture, timeless mix of past and present, our collection stand out for its beauty and authenticy becoming a piece that will earn their place becoming cherished object to be passed down along generations.

We give an option to customise any piece of furniture made to order in your preferred length, form, texture with any choice of fabric, wood, stone or fibre. The fundamentals of our designs are a purpose, timelessness, purity and handcrafted tradition. The products range from tableware and pottery to unique design furniture, lighting and accessories.

We hope you find inspiration and enjoy our warm and welcoming designs as much as we do.